Clothes ‘R’ Us Point Of Sale Initiative Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The role of effective managers is to inspire others to create a vision, good communicator, enthusiastic and motive employees with empathy and competence in order to fulfill the goals and objective of the company. Orlin as the chief information officer (CIO) managed many technology projects that were vital to the company’s strategy. Orlin wants to implement the strategy of POS system to the stores and the company. Orlin has decision making and problem solving skills to further grow the company performance. Orlin must involve other members in the decision making task, to get more innovative and creative ideas to develop and effective strategy.

The company is also facing a problem of products managers that are leaving the company before a review of the meeting with the executive oversight committee. Orlin and her IT department team members would lead the department to initiate a strategy. Moreover, the effective management develop a plan for a rapid company development and delivery of the initial deployment. Orlin should make multiple projects mangers responsible for specific modules or a part of the project. However, Orlin had to outsource the large consultant to fulfill the specific roles and tasks because the company do not have significant IT resources to complete the task.

The large consulting firms such as, Project management Office (PMO), application development, test, infrastructure engineering and furthermore, but this outsourcing will increase the company expenses, as it is already facing decline in the revenue. The goal of the POS system is to free the store manager’s time, so that manager can work in the stores rather than the back office. The main focus of the company is to attract customers and increase the market expansion to generate more revenues and profits.

The system had other cost cutting advantages such as decreasing operating costs, long distance phone calls, increasing operating inefficiencies and store sales due to increase customer’s satisfaction and providing quality products and services. The project management should also develop a strategy to reduce cost and regain competitiveness in the marketplace, by analyzing the problems and obstacles in the company.

Orlin must create an early, effective and meaningful responsibilities for every employees working in the complex environment. Furthermore, the company should provide incentives and benefits to the employees to work efficiently and increase productivity. Business leaders are accountable and involved in every step in the process to achieve the desire end of the company and remove the obstacles.The management is the company’s most important assets and source of competitive advantage.


According to the case, the role of Orlin, the executive management team and the product management team is to split the task in to groups that would oversee the delivery of the program. However, the management monitored that would be completed within twelve months. The managers should develop a strategy to maintain strict control of the entire program in order to complete the task before deadline.

The management should control and monitor the plan by initiating, executing and close the project to meet the performance objectives and take corrective actions if needed to overcome the obstacles. The corporate should implement customer relation management system to increase the customers. Moreover, mass customization is very important, Orlin concluded that the product would be highly customized. The company should ensure that product and service should be cost effective to gain more customers’ satisfaction.Monitoring and controlling project work also includes tracking, reviewing, and reporting project process.

Clothes ‘R’ Us Point Of Sale Initiative Case Solution

The scoping and planning of POS system will lead to reduced costs and help useful allocation of human resource. The workflow study in the case reduces the store managers’ time from 6 hours to 1.5-2 hours per day. This means that they can produce more products and improve customer service. The project management of the organization elaborates process for monitoring and reports the progress of all the projects, such as every week each of the project manager would need to report to the PMO about the status of his or her respective projects. Moreover, the project management officer would assemble the data and report it in a spreadsheet that showed all the important metrics and rations. The basic motive and objective of Clothes R us is achieve its targets and generate more profits.


As the case states, the role of the project manager is to develop a strategy to gain competitive advantage over competitors by increasing sales, increasing store in manager productivity and decreasing overall cost by developing cost effective strategy. Furthermore, initiating Mass-customization strategy to provide highly customized products to the customers. However, it is difficult to achieve those targets due to back store management system, stores used desktop fax and dial up modem system, non-integrated credit authorization system and each store has old fashioned POS system...................

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