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Partnerships with outside speed of innovation are increasingly the norm among high-tech companies. Then why are so many organizations are still struggling to make this work effort? The answer to this question, say, MIT Sloan School of Management Professor Edward B. Roberts and management consultant Wenyun Cathy Liu, is that too often, companies choose cooperation strategy without considering at what stage of the life cycle of technology This technology has entered - and What type of partnership is better suited to this stage. There are four phases of the life cycle of technology (fluid, transitional, mature and fractures), and, depending on where a particular technology is at the moment, only certain external partnerships facilitate rapid development. This reality is a challenge for managers: Every product of juggling can be in a different phase, and because the development of partnerships for one phase of a single technology could ultimately serve different purposes in another phase of the other technologies, all partnerships must be treated with caution . Companies are more likely to form alliances, as the technology becomes more certain and as competitive pressure increases. In the past, more research (on the effect of technology on the development of the life cycle of domestic product) to cover the external focus technological cycle of life, the authors also emphasize the growing complexity of business success. Consequences for the way in high-tech industries is that leaders need to excel in multi-tasking, thinking laterally, to think creatively and network with individuals in various related fields. But everything starts with an understanding of the technological cycle of life and what it means for innovation outsourcing. "Hide
by Edward B. Roberts, Wenyun Kathy Liu Source: MIT Sloan Management Review 11 pages. Publication Date: 01 Oct 2001. Prod. #: SMR071-PDF-ENG

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