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Cirque Du Soleil is an international company which is dedicated to the production, generation, quality artistic performance, entertaining people, with a mission involving all senses, imagination, and emotions of the audience all over the world


The vision of the company is to produce new shows annually to meet audience expectations.


Integrity, Cultural differences, Inspiration and Respect


Retaining employees is the core issue of any company whose success lies in creativity and excellence of the company. This issue is true for Cirque, the singularly successful “circus without animals”. Managing creative employees is a juggling act itself, between keeping artists happy and pursuing a successful strategy for attracting more business and talents.

Retaining and hiring employees are most important factors because company’s success lies in its creative employees. At Cirque, creativity is at the core, not a customer.Moreover, the cirque provides opportunity to its employees to work the way they want to work and express themselves. Cirque structured its show by fine recruiting strategy and strong culture of community and values in the family. Constantly retaining and hiring creative employees are the core challenges faced by entertainment companies.

The casting director cantin often travels twenty countries in search for creative artists, to hold auditions and find the people that continue to develop and be generous in the show. Selection is a difficult task, and while recruiting new employees, five major attributes are required creativity, commitment, teamwork, responsibility and passion. Recruiting qualified employees, at the right place, at the right times is a big challenge for any organization.


Cirque du Soleil is one of the most profitable companies headquartered in Canada where it was making reasonable revenue across the globe and achieving sales targets. Apart from the core problem, Cirque is facing secondary problems such as cultural differences, high stuff turnover, high investment in performance management, high prices on tickets that reducing number of audience, employees’ dis satisfactions in terms of salary and benefits that need to discussed in order to come up with possible solutions.


Hiring and retaining from different countries involves cultural differences. The presence of people with different nationalities speaking different languages is a big challenge. Depending on the cultural baggage of each person, and the message communicated can differ greatly; Cirque has to manage the stereotypes and prejudices.Nonexistence of open communication can create many conflicts among employees.


Due to different touring conditions, increased number of shows per weeks and working conditions in general, the turnover rate among employees is very high. On average, they work for Cirque around 19 to 24 months, which increases the turnover of about 18%- 24%.


Most of the investments go to the human resource department. All of the money invested in human resource is completely supporting the performing artist as the organization’s expectations. However, it requires high investment in recruiting employees from different countries. The company should propose the possible solution to get benefits in the long run.

As the case states, Canadian lifestyle is entirely different to the artists coming around the globe which includes language difference, food preferences and climatic changes. This demotivates the employees who lively far from their families and country. Young children are also a part of Cirque which is also a challenge because Cirque’s management team has to deal with young children in a different way and motive them to show their best talents in front of the audience.

Cirque Du Soleil Case Solution


Murielle Cant instated“We are trying to find pearl in the desert that will fit perfect ring”. In order to overcome issues at Cirque, Can tin wants to find best solution to retain employees and artist with Cirque. She travels around the world to hire 100 artists every year. The company needs to come up with possible solutions to increase the company’s growth, performance, and drive strategy to expand by keeping the employees motivated and dedicated towards their job. The proposed solution for Cantin based on the problems needs to be identified.


Qualified staff is the valuable asset of the company. Organizations have changed and there is no more stability and guarantee in employee's security. Staff nowadaysmight move to another organization for better opportunity.Recruiting employees increases organization’s budget that needs to be overcome because an effective cost structure is an advantage for the company. In order to achieve a combination of athletics and artistic perfection, the company can often recruit the near-great and accomplished athletes who competed in the Olympics or World championship teams. Many athletes, dancers, gymnastics comes from competitive environments where individual excellence rather than teamwork is enforced.................

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