Shark’s Fin Soup At The Jade Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Problem Statement

          The major problem that has been identified in the case “Shark’s Fin Soup at the Jade” is the fact that the consumption of Shark Fin Soup has been banned by the different governments around the world including Canada. However, the Jade Sea Food Restaurant which is located in Vancouver has been still serving the soup prepared by Shark Fin.

          With the increasing issue of ensuring ban over the selling Shark Fin, the restaurant is still serving it, therefore animal activists came to question David Chung, the owner of the restaurant over his actions and were actually keen to question his serving of shark fin soup. In order to overcome the issue, Chang had to decide how to communicate with the reporters and activist upon his stance regarding the red hot ecological issue (Li, 2013).


          The case “Shark’s Fin Soup at the Jade” basically explains the situation of restaurant which in spite of government restrictions is still selling Shark fin soup. The restaurant The Jade Seafood started its operations in 2004. The owner of the restaurant has been David Chung who came to Canada from HongKong.

          Being a part of a society where shark fin soup has been an upper classstaple delicacy, and has been used by the people since 1368 has been a strong part of Chinese culture. It has been mostly used by Chinese population for major celebrations for instance a wedding. Along with this, the leaders or the emperors of the country preferred using shark fin soup because of its rarity, the taste and the difficulty in its preparation (Li, 2013).

          As the case states, the shark fin is tasteless, however mixing it and combining with chicken, beef, etc it becomes a tastier commodity. With the rapid increase in the GDP of China under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping, the consumption of shark fin soup has increased drastically. This has actually affected the overall breed and growth of shark across different countries.

          Along with this, the research conducted in the case indicates that sharks around the world have become highly scarce and endangered species. The reason is simple, since the fins are only used by different restaurant and hotels, the remaining portion of the shark is thrown away which has actually reduced the birth rate of sharks and their development also (Li, 2013).

          Moreover, the consumption of shark fin soup in the Chinese culture has been an easy target for the different NGOs and animal rights organizations because the issue has become a localized one. To negate the issue, and to actually overcome the problem at hand, David Chung is planning ways in order to react to the media attack.

          Similarly, David Chung is concerned over the fact that if he actually removes shark fin soup from his menu, the sales will definitely decline for his restaurant. Along with this, since the competition in the Asian restaurant environment has been rigorous, how shall the restaurant be able to maintain its success and attract customers?

Shark’s Fin Soup At The Jade Case Solution


Chinese economy havebeen one of the fastest growing economies in the world. This has actually made the spending and buying patterns increase accordingly. Under the regime or leadership of Deng Xiaoping, Chinese economy grew by 10 percent in the year 1970. This was the time when the consumption of shark fin increased considerably (Li, 2013).

          In a report issued in the year 1970, it indicated that the decline in shark breed has taken place quite extensively. The reason for the scarcity has occurred due to the over fishing and the fact that the shark breed has become quite obsolete and limited across the globe.

          Along with this, many environmentalists have argued that the consumption of shark fin has been increasing because of the fact the fisherman have been using the fining process. With the fact that the shark fin is the most worthy and integral part in a shark therefore, fishermen generally use it and throw the remaining carcass back into the water which is obviously an unethical and unhygienic act on part of the fishermen.

          Another fact about the shark industry has been the fact that the large shark specifies have been producing six to ten young per reproductive cycle, where each and every cycle has been taking almost three years to complete. On the other hand,the species of shark that reproduce rapidly or quickly almost take ten years, whereas others take up to thirty years (Li, 2013).......................

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