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In my earlier submission I failed to provide you with the McAfee model for addressing question 2. So, you would need both the Harley Davidson's article and the McAfee model to address the question. Please let me know that you have received this document.

Given the sample sales data from Quest Travel (see below), define the following cube characteristics that will enable Quest Travel to use online analytical processing (OLAP) to determine for the past 5 years, which tour categories are selling best (gross sales revenue) based on customer location. They will like to use this analysis to determine future tours along with geographic marketing strategies. They will also like to be able to drill down in each tour category to see gross sales revenue for each tour as well as drill down date of sales in each year in order to see revenue by quarter and month. In addition, they will like to start their analysis by customer region, but then drill down to see revenue with respect to state and city. (20 points)

a.) What is the fact of interest being analyzed?

b.) What are the three necessary dimensions to perform this analysis?

c.) What are the hierarchies for each of these dimensions? It may be that some dimensions do not have hierarchies.


The level has an important role to play as part of a managerial strategy because in a department like supply chain Harley Davidson has to align things as much as possible and most importantly at all levels. Harley Davidson’s manager of purchasing, planning and control has an additional responsibility to play because he has to play the key role at all interfaces. Manager has to give special importance to the resistance and non-use factors because if they are not focused properly so things cannot be aligned up to the desired level.


Manager has to aware of their plan of action being a part of company like Harley Davidson. Managers must design a proper time line and make the best out of it. Managing the supply chain issues of Harley Davidson will definitely ask for some tremendous technological advancements and for this managers must ask the world’s best experts to provide their optimistic recommendations. Implementing new updated technology can be time consuming; therefore, it has be to properly set with the help of industry experts.


The preparation has an extremely important and key role to play because whenever there is a serious lack in preparing resources, so the whole process will suffer from the beginning phase. In the preparation phase, all the elements like Inertia, Resistance, Misspecification, Misuse and Non-use has to be given equal importance at all possible levels.


In Scope, the implementation process has to be specifically focused by Harley Davidson. Implementing technological changes in supply chain will create issues if they are not addressed properly. Moreover, inertia and non-use factors has to be given high-rank status or should be considered as a priority. Number of division, sites and geographies must not be eliminated at any cost because the whole supply chain process is based on these factors for Harley Davidson...............

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