Chateauform’ (A): How To Grow And Maintain Service? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-1660 © 2006
Leleux, Benoit F.; Nie; Winter; Courcoux; Anne-Sarine

It was March 2006 and the executive committee of Châteauform'; a specialized workshop and conferences location locateded near Paris; France; were collected together for a conceptualizing session for the business's 10th anniversary. The business had actually reported 30 % earnings development per year considering that it opened the very first website in 1996; and it was now about to open the 18th Châteauform'. Doubling the number of homes in the portfolio in half the time it had actually taken to open them would definitely need imaginative thinking on all fronts; supervisory; useful and monetary.

With the designated development; an essential obstacle for Châteauform' would be keeping its customer intimacy. It covers the history and development of Châteauform'. Studied are the business's growth and the various funding indicates to reach its goals. 

Subjects: Brand management; Business growth; Business to consumers; Customer service; Customer relations; Debt management; Employee training; Hotels and motels; Service industries; Values; Residential seminars; Service concept; Hospitality business
Settings: Primarily France (but sites exist in Spain and Switzerland); Hotel industry (specialized in seminars); 320 people; 1st semester 2006

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