China Aviation Oil (B): Stormy Waters Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-1889 © 2007
Hamilton, Stewart; Zhang, Jinxuan

The three-part China Aviation Oil (CAO) case series files the abroad experience-- the increase; fall and subsequent restructuring and restoring-- of a leading Chinese state-owned business over the last 2 to 10 years. The case is created to resolve in an integrative way concerns frequently dealt with by (1) the enhancing variety of Chinese executives now playing in the global arena and (2) Western executives who have experience of dealing with Chinese executives and chinese business; or who wish to do so-- either in China or their own market. There have actually been numerous cases of multinationals going to China; where cultural distinctions have actually been blamed for things that did not work; for things that were not comprehended; or perhaps for disappointments when dealing with Chinese business and Chinese executives.

The case series explains the very first abroad restructuring of a state-owned Chinese business.; it supplies individuals with an entirely various angle for looking at the problem of working with China: How to make things work outside China from a Chinese viewpoint. Knowing goals: The case series has actually been created to allow individuals to acquire a clear understanding of some broad concerns; consisting of: 1) The tactical factors to consider for a Chinese business wanting to broaden overseas; and the essential success elements.

Subjects: General Management; Corporate Governance; Risk Management; Strategy; Chinese Dimension; Oil; Derivatives; Options Trading; International business; Cross-cultural relations; Expansion; Corporate restructuring; State-owned enterprise; Government & business
Settings: China; Singapore; Oil Trading & Related Infrastructure; Aviation; 2006 revenue S$2.9 billion (about US$1.8 billion); November 2004 to June 2007

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