The Ever Changing Customer Service And People Management In Hospitality Industries Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

1 Background Information

This industry of hospitality is as old as humanity. It came into existence after the great efforts of Abraham. He introduced a concept that what if he changes the way the tent looks like by opening all of its four sides and make it attractive and welcoming to the people and allowing those people to chill at his place, eat and relax.

Even Native American tribes and European Monarchs have also given high importance to reaching out those people that are complete strangers. Therefore, the back bone of hospitality industry includes providing outstanding customer service and this concept is almost adopted by all the industries that are operating in this sector.

Hospitality industry is normally an industry in which there is a mixture of different fields with in service industry. Most of the countries keep their main focus on hospitality industry mainly because it generates revenues for the country. This industry serves other people and is based on leisure services like cruise line, lodging, restaurants, event planning, transportation, theme parks and different other fields that are related to tourism.

Despite this, this industry provides services to the people mostly rather than products. They mostly follow customer satisfaction and customer relationship management approach because if the customers are kept satisfied with the services then this industry will be able to increase its customer base which will ultimately result in increased revenues.

The live events are intended to be arranged for the public viewers and this activity comes under the hospitality sector. The museums take into account the cultural perspectives of the people who are from a variety of different backgrounds. Despite this, services that are meant for recreational purposes also come under hospitality industry. The accommodation and food sector can also be taken into account as a hospitality establishments in which the customers are being provided with drinks, snacks, lodging, beverages and food that is provided for immediate consumption.

It includes a series of jobs that start from being a waiter up to the involvement in the coordination of events and different positions in the management in order to run the business. The working environment that is being provided under these industries is quite interesting because it involves the social interaction with the people in a dynamic way. There is also flexibility of time in hospitality sector so that the people who are not used to with the traditional working hours they may be able to enjoy in these working environments.

In order to outperform others, they will have to look at the way in which the services are being provided to the people because the customers nowadays will only get satisfied if they are treated well. Those who are operating in this industry stand many chances to earn billions by providing a best service to their customers and manage people effectively.

Although in this industry the people will go to any place they want to and enjoy their time over there, however they will expect to be treated like valuable guests at the place they are.  Furthermore, this is an entertainment and art sector that includes three sub categories; historical sites and museums, spectator sports and arts performing and lastly it also includes gambling and amusement parks.

Hence, the level of satisfaction among the customers will result in a decrease or increase in the number of prospective and existing customers respectively. These are the assets for any business across the globe because by managing these people effectively by placing all efforts in one place, the hotels will be able to differentiate itself from the rest of the rivals in a hotel industry. The customers can only be kept happy if they are satisfied with the level of cooperation shown by the company’s overall management in terms providing them with a best quality service and the extent to which they were attracted to the interior designing’s of a business.

1.2 Problem Statement

The problem statement of the hospitality industry is to keep  focus on the customer satisfaction and the people should be managed effectively. It will merely be possible if the businesses are able to introduce the features that will make them able to differentiate them from its competitors. The main issue that will have to be taken into account is to tackle the number of customers that this sector will have to retain, because mostly the problem arises in terms of the loss of customers.The Ever Changing Customer Service And People Management In Hospitality Industries Case Solution

1.3 Research Objectives

 The research objectives of this thesis are as follows;

Most importantly, the objective is to check out whether customer satisfaction is maintained or not...........

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