Descriptive analysis the efforts of EU to Combat Climatic change in European and Global level& its impact on EU policies. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Descriptive analysis the efforts of EU to Combat Climatic change in European and Global level& its impact on EU policies Case Study Solution 


The word climate describes the average weather a place has, depending on the position and distance of sun.It includes humidity, precipitation (Rain & Snow), wind, Temperature and Seasons. The role of climate is very integral in maintaining and shaping the economy of the country, the socio-economic trends and even the political aspects of the country. The climate shapes the ecosystem of a region and thus defines the guidelines of the activities that could be carried out, balanced and maintained in order to keep the region healthy.

However, since the initial times, with the growth and boom of industrialization and Globalization, the ecosystems and the climate of the regions have not remained same. The climates have evolved as an outcome of excessive CO2 emission, which has depleted the ozone layer and thus transforming the overall climate of the world.

According to the Report “Preparing for climatic change”, the rising level of CO2 emission, and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), the temperature of the earth has raised, giving the signal of extreme weather condition throughout the world. Due to the particular issue, the sea-level has also risen, with glaciers melting in Antarctic region. These events all together have accelerated the Sea floods, tsunamis, Earthquakes and extreme hot &cold weather conditions, which are posing life, health threats to the human civilization. And since freshwater, coastlines, natural resources and agriculture are essential to run and sustain an economy, these events require great control, in order to sustain the presence of human civilization on earth.(IPCC, 2008)(Climate Law, 2014)

Also, since many of the systems of living, reproducing, economy, social are related to climate such as what crops can be produced, fresh water availability for irrigation, animals, food plantation, the change in climatic conditions posits great threats to the sustainability and existence of these resources. Example: Time of rains, or temperature that effects the production of crops and may delay or exceed the harvest time, which will affect the overall supply cycle of the crop, disturbing the equilibrium of supply demand in the market. Also such conditions can affect the pollination of crops, migration of birds, Fresh water resources, irrigation and Forest survival. All these factors collectively makes the ecosystem and maintains the environmental balance that shapes the human life thus a temporary climatic change might not affect the system, but surely a long term change will disturb the whole cycle of the system, taking in effect not only a particular region and the whole world.(Brussels, 2008)

Considering and analyzing the severity of these facts, European Union has taken few steps to control the human caused greenhouse gas emissions, to control the severe damage and reduce the impact of climatic changes that may go beyond the ability to be controlled in the future.(Climate Law, 2014)


Since the cause of climatic changes is rendered to human base activities, EU has taken measures and has been taking measures since 1990’s to reduce and control the greenhouse emission by monitoring the emission of CO2 by each of its EU members(McGlade, 2010). The union has set certain benchmarks and imposed it through strong legal policies.

Some of the measures that EU took are:

  • Emission and Energy control policy- Since 1990s, the country has taken measures to control and improve the energy efficiency by controlling the emissions of CO2 from each industry and member countries. These measures include a directive to promote electricity from renewable energy, voluntary commitment from car makers to reduce the emission of CO2 by 25%.
  • Treaty of Kyoto Protocol- The EU initiated to bound the countries through a treaty of Kyoto, that layouts the facts to control the green house emission, that are caused by human based activities. The treaty enforces the members to practice such habits and policies that control the level of emission and effect on climate through meeting the benchmark.(Commission, 2013)
  • European Climate change Program (ECCP) - The committee launched an ECCP program to implement the Kyoto protocol strategy into its country strategy. The union made the committee under the political and legal policy to control and enforce the emission of greenhouse gases and CO2 at minimal level, to reduce the overall effect on the globe.
  • EU binding Strategy- The country has set itself a strategy for 2020, to reduce the emissions of CO2 compared to 1990’s and to develop the plans that would promote the renewable energy consumption by 20%, hence controlling the effect of industrialization and Fossil Fuels. While also increasing the share of energy efficient procedures by 27%.(Climate Adapt, 2013)
  • Emission Trading Scheme- the EU has established a scheme within the boundaries of the EU, to reduce the emissions and to enhance the energy efficiency. In doing so, the EU, has allotted a permanent reward for the industries that meet the criteria of Emission trading scheme, in shape of no trade fees and minimal government interventions.However, industries that fail to meet the criteria are penalized accordingly.(Climate, 2010)

Descriptive analysis the efforts of EU to Combat Climatic change in European and Global level& its impact on EU policies. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Extent of the policy bought under EU legislation and Regulation

There are two types of laws that governs the actions taken by any of the state. The hard law is a form of law that binds the parties though strong legal treaties, and the law is enforceable by UN, while on the other hand, the law is soft on a country that is not liable to follow, yet is presented through agendas and recommendation................

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