Caterpillar Tunneling Canada Corporation (CTCC) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Question # 01:

In the Caterpillar Tunneling CorporationCanada, the post-acquisition change management signifies the changes which are occurring in management and handling of the operations of the business as a result of ownership transference of the business.

In the case, Caterpillar has acquired Lovat Inc. so that the corporation could augment its reach worldwide and gain experience insignificant manufacturing processes in order to invest and support in the product line of Lovat and in the tunnel boringbusiness, which means that there were significant changes in Lovat and Caterpillar itself.Later on, Lovat was renamed as CaterpillartunnelingCanada.

Lovat was opposite of Caterpillar because it was a family owned business before and lacked in many ways to its multinational counterpart.There was a reactive approach of the management at Lovat as it reacted only when situations happened, as a result, Lovat was always a step behind.

Caterpillar Tunneling Canada Corporation (CTCC) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Furthermore, the decisiontaken by Lovat was characterized by undocumented knowledge which was only referred to bythem. Caterpillar tunneling CorporationCanada tends to be the subsidiary to Caterpillar, it has introduced a new and significant approach to the management which have used procedures and methods which was used to standardized the old methods and procedures. An example of this can be taken from the project management part where the old model being followed was traditional and couldn’t meet the current market challenges, so they employed a new model to enhance that position. Management changed from easy going and simple to diverse and responsive to problems.

Prior to acquisition, the operations manager was responsible to undertake all the responsibilities related to the production and maintenance and capital expenditure for equipment and building, but after the acquisition, the IT department would be reporting to the business resource manager who was responsible to led the finance department. The IT department has become a part of the Global Information Services (GIS) unit of the parent company, the systems have benefited the company because data can be transferred worldwide. The manager of the IT department has become responsible to expand the facilities provided by Caterpillar outside of Toronto. Furthermore, the activities related to the IT were typical as the CTCC engaged in installation and upgrades of the software, management of phone and security system, network and web administration and management of the IT assets. The resources of the IT department include; network, software and people. The individualswere also involved in the IT related matters, which are included in the resources of the IT.

The company has gained the opportunity to learn about standard operating procedure developed by GIS and it could gain broader exposure to the various resources of the IT of the parent company. Even though the system developed has helped the company in a number of ways, the parent company did not know how to leverage the resources of the corporate IT.

Question # 02:

The business analytics solutionsare helpful for the strategic planning, channel, marketing and product professionals because it might assess the opportunities that the business can exploit and the product can be positioned within the “buy” or “build” markets for the business analytics solutions..............

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