Cardagin: Local Mobile Rewards Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Cardagin provides mobile loyalty program points and coupons services from local businesses. A new start in an increasingly competitive space of the consumer / commercial applications for smartphones, has received positive reviews and has reached the point of inflection: the decisions made at this stage can be the difference between a national presence and empty. CEO must demonstrate the value of this service in compelling ways for retailers and consumers. As a mediator, Cardagin necessary to ensure consistent use of consumers and retailers to provide attractive offers for their customers. A nationwide network of customers and retailers in itself can be crucial. The case provides students the opportunity to explore new digital businesses, explore the possibility of expanding, and evaluate problems in working with many small businesses, each with its own characteristics. "Hide
by Rajkumar Venkatesan, Kelly Ateya, Adam Harr Source: Darden School of Business 14 pages. Publication Date: December 15, 2011. Prod. #: UV5790-PDF-ENG

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Cardagin: Local Mobile Rewards

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