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In October 2006, Wikipedia was the biggest volunteer-run on line encyclopedia that could be read and edited by anyone with internet access. Within nearly six years of its founding in 2001, the project had attracted hundreds of tens of thousands of editors who had written over 1.2 million posts in English alone. Almost 10 percent of worldwide internet users accessed Wikipedia at least once per month.

As Wales was stepping down, views were amassing to decide whether to close down an informal association of Wikipedia editors called Esperanza. Some Wikipedia editors, including some of the very most prolific ones, really loved the programs. Others steadfastly believed that Esperanza made editors socialize in the expense of producing content for encyclopedia. As editor community was making the conclusive decision on what needs to be done with Esperanza, observers could not aid but worry what affect the choice would have on the types of the content they'd generate along with editors Wikipedia would attract.


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Wikipedia Project Esperanza Case Solution

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Wikipedia: Project Esperanza

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