Caesars Entertainment Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case details about the introduction of a regression analysis model for forecasting the guest arrivals to Caesars Palace hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.The business is going to utilize the forecast to staff the front desk in the hotel. The staff is unionized and also the firm has little flexibility to alter staffing levels on a short term basis. The case is set in the context of industry overcapacity and lower customer demand. The case describes several models that might be used to forecast guest arrivals, including a multiple regression model and a moving average technique.

The case scenario contains tables showing the result of the regression model, and compares the fit of the moving average and regression models. The case enables students to comprehend how such a model is developed in an organization and to evaluate the models. Pupils may work with a data file with several years of historical data or they might work with outcome results and the model description in the case.

PUBLICATION DATE: October 09, 2014 PRODUCT #: 615031-PDF-ENG

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