Alibaba’s IPO Dilemma: Hong Kong or New York? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Alibaba encountered numerous choices involving IPO pricing, trading location, possession structure and IPO time. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange seemed like an all-natural fit for its IPO due to language, ethnic and geographical attachment. Additionally, 86.7 percent of Alibaba's sales originated within China. However, Alibaba insisted on "venture government," as well as the Hong Kong Stock Exchange didn't allow listing of companies with dual-class share arrangement.

In contrast, the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ didn't object to Alibaba's proposed ownership structure. The New York exchanges supplied more visibility and liquidity, while the Hong Kong investors understood Alibaba's business better. Against this backdrop, Alibaba needed to make difficult choices involving its IPO. Emir Hrnji? Is affiliated with National University of Singapore.

PUBLICATION DATE: December 04, 2014 PRODUCT #: W14598-PDF-ENG

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Alibaba’s IPO Dilemma: Hong Kong or New York?

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