Samba Bank Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Samba Bank Case Study Solution

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The company chosen to perform the analysis is Samba bank, which I prefer to be working in future,merely in the Digital field.

Impact of cloud computing on Samba Bank

Cloud computing is the most emerging technology in all the industries globally. Since technology has evolved in the market and has transformed the way of business dealing by reducing the hardware cost and data storage cost, it is eminent that such technology will have quite a substantial impact on the Samba bank.

Since banking is heading toward virtualization and digitalization, the need for Cloud computing is developed in the banking sector.Such model of Cloud computing will allow the bank to manage the customer data securely on the cloud, which can be assessed from any point and from anywhere.

Since banking has become mobile in nature, the Cloud computing will greatly support the customer behavior and market trends and will allow the bank to increase its integration with the markets and customers effectively.

Though Cloud computing also posits the threat of data security and safety protocols, since it is always exposed to data breach and external attack, banking is still reluctant to transfer its models fully on Cloud computing. Moreover,since there is substantial data and confidential data such as passwords, credit card history and payment through OTC is stored, the threat of breach from third party is eminent.

In addition, though the bank itself may increase its security on data protocols at cloud computing, however the breach from the third party is possible, due to unauthentic security protocols. (Brown., 2014)

However apart from all these challenges, the Cloud computing can allow the bank to develop its virtual branches and offer extended services to the customer through one click.This may on one hand reduce the cost of operations while on other hand make bank mobile, hence offering ease, convenience and service to the customer.The businesses models such as CRM and ERP can be implemented under the Cloud computing technology that will manage the resources of the bank and also develop a platform and protocols for customer relationship management supported by proper data and customer analysis. (Niazmand, 2010)

The impact of ecommerce and social commerce on Samba Bank

The popularity and emergence of social networking services such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have created the great business opportunities and also devised the need for the banks to develop a more integrated approach to reach the customers.

Such change has devised the banks to establish their online presence through digital modes such as email, mobile banking, and through SEO and has also developed the need for banks to opt more lively image in order to gain the competitive edge in the market.

Since in today’s time, the consumer base are more inclined towards developing interaction with the banks apart from the monotonous image of banking, ithas given rise to the importance of social media platform to connect with the customer base.

It has been analyzed that since these models have developed in the market and transformed the customer behavior, the bank in near time may require to develop the social presence through the social mediums preferably Twitter to connect with the customers.It is also eminent, that by using these social medium, the bank may generate certain eyeballs and impressions on for the bank itself that may allow the bank to utilize by diverting the eyeball or impressions to the digital model or ecommerce business of bank. This will allow the bank to direct the customers or deal the customer through online and offline model both, creating awareness and equity both at the same time. (PYMNTS, 2014)

In addition to this, it is also eminent, with the emergence of the ecommerce models will extend the business offering of the bank, such as offline payments, billing and credit cards payment. This will reduce the run on the banks and will reduce the cost of operations hence making banking profitable in the market.

Moreover, such emergence of the ecommerce model will allow the bank to upscale its offerings and develop the brand recognition and service level 24/7, hence increasing the service quality and thus leading to develop a prominent brand image and positioning in the banking sector.Lastly, such emergence of the social modes will also allow the samba bank to create awareness of its offerings without incurring additional cost, making the functions cost effective. (Jain, 2014)

Samba Bank Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



Importance of implementing Business Process Reengineering (BPR) before process automation

Business Process Re engineering refers to the envisioning of the overall business strategies, procedures, technicalities and operations to change from current stance in order to make operations and over all business improve and integrated.Such processes are implemented in all areas of the business from human and resource to operation and to supply chain.

Over the period of time, with the development of technology and business analytics tools, the importance of BPR has improved.It is due to the fact that since BPR allows the banks to consolidate its resource system, utilize the under utilized capacity, analyze the business operating more effectively and efficiently and developing certain controls and checks in order to meet the bench mark , it’s important to implement before the automation has enhanced.........................

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