Northern Forest (C): The Environmentalists Views Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case series focuses students on boom-bust behavior in North sawmill wood. Stakeholders, the landowners sawmill owners environmentalists government officials, they all want to make sure that the overall demand for logs, as shown in sawmill capacity does not exceed the rate at which trees grow. They do not want a saw demand for "release" the productive capacity of forest resources, a classic problem in the field of renewable resources, the economy, the region has experienced about a century earlier. Students are encouraged to use the system thinking skills (analysis of modes of behavior, cause-and-loop display and stock flow mapping) to create their causal conditions of the basic structure of the system. Students are asked to develop a systematic policy framework to help sustain and Industry and the region's natural resources. Case C describes the roles and types of environmental activists and non-profit organizations of the Northern Forest. You, the student, the lawyer for healthy forest ecosystems, which include plants, animals, soil, air and water. You also take care of the connection between people and forests (eg, recreational opportunities, vital local forests Connected Communities). "Hide
by Robert D. Landel, Andrew Jones Source: Darden School of Business 2 pages. Publication Date: April 8, 2004. Prod. #: UV3536-PDF-ENG

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Northern Forest (C): The Environmentalists Views

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