Business Simulation Reflective piece Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Business Simulation Reflective piece Case Solution

Reflective Model - Gibbs

A theoretical model i.e. Gibbs will be used as a framework with the aims of challenging the assumptions, exploring different new ideas and approaches towards thinking or doing practical things, linking theory and practice and promoting self-improvement i.e. it can be done by identifying the certain weaknesses and strengths and taking an action plan in order to address them. This model would be used because it would encourage the systematic thinking about the phase pf activity or experiment, it would provide an opportunity to view the perspective on a given experience issue or action, it would also allow to have more precise and balanced judgments (Stefano, 2015).

In addition to this, it would provide an ease to practice the reflection both in professional and academic life due to the simple point and simplicity of the analysis. It would also allow me to be more articulate in approaches to the life scenarios (Gavett, 2015).

Personal Reflection

1) Description (what happened)

I have been working in the school of build environment as a project manager, I was the part of a team including five members and the team was responsible for knowledge delivery and helped the SMEs in the North West working in construction for the purpose of improving their business by reducing waste, carbon and creating jobs. My role was to deliver the master class, conducting workshops and helping the companies in the variety of subjects based on the requirements of these companies. I have been greatly experienced while delivering these subjects from the consultant and business viewpoint (Macomber, 2015).

2) Feelings (what you are feeling or thinking)

The delivery of the workshops and the courses based on the past experiences instead of the methodology, thereby I was missing the innovation, creation and up-to-date techniques required in teaching. Additionally, I was feeling an urge to learn the ways of assessing the learners in leaning. I felt that I should develop further skills such as:

  • The constructive feedback and assessment
  • Design learning material updated for the different learner styles.
  • Know the new teaching techniques.

3) Evaluation (the good and bad sides of experiences)

I have learnt a lot including the reflection, designing module, creativity in teaching and exchanging a case study, the role helped in understanding the needs of the students and the team members were highly interactive with each other by using the blackboards to allocate the resources, there was also an exceptional use of the available technology for students was action group sets. The resources were rich and the material was accessible before the session week, there were many efforts from tutors to provide support in the courses and their quick response on any help. Many learning lessons have lasted a positive impact on my knowledge and experience in the manner of being interactive with the students in a class and finding the ways to attract students in order to make them understand what I was delivering (Staff, 2016).

On the other extreme, talking about the negative side of the experience, I am optimistic by nature and I have not seen any negative side of the experience excluding the place of conduction of the class was changed and that was quite uncomfortable.

4) Analysis (make sense of the situation)

The course experience was very great for me. In the beginning, I averted by the management to complete the course, thus I retorted again and it seemed to be big learning opportunity for me, though I have a master’s degree, but having the degree has never stopped me to be a learner and keep on learning.


5) Conclusion

The thing that I could have done more was to spend more time to read and study regarding the reflection in the class, developing the creativity in teaching and to be conscious with the national level regulations, to read more about the lessons and best practices.

6) Action plan

In case if I’ll have the same opportunity in the forthcoming years, I will strive harder to have a full time study in order to get the beneficial outcomes of the learnings meanwhile I have copies of presentations and handouts and I am planning to read the articles and study the material again by using and reading the resources with patience and by taking more time as I’m intending to develop a handout in creative manner as well (Kenny, 2014).

SMART Action Plan

Since I was intending to design the courses and to deliver the training workshops, assessing and giving feed backs on the course for the construction companies, developing an action plan would allow me to reach my goals to the greater extent (Grote, 2015). The framework will provide strong foundation of implementing the strategic action in order to attain the desirable and common business objectives. In addition to this, it would build and portray a better story of why the team had been striving so much to accomplish its objectives and what did the specified goals meant. (Carlos Rey, 2017)...........


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