Bruynzeel Keukens: Mastering Complexity Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Answer 1:

With this strategic shift in the company’s vision, a lot of challenges will occur especially regarding supply chain. The company will have to analyze every aspect and then proceed further.  As the company is seeking a major opportunity in the retail market, therefore, dealing with customers will be quite difficult in this market. The customer is very demanding and is at the advantage that is why achieving the level of customer satisfaction becomes highly difficult. Bruynzeel Keukens will have to restructure or re-organizes its operations and improve its supply chain in order to attain success in this market. The first major improvement is required in the synchronization that is extremely poor between the upstream and downstream supply chains.

Synchronization in the supply chain is very important as it can be a good source of gaining competitive advantage. An effective synchronization between upstream and downstream supply chains will lead the company towards better operational planning. This synchronization needs to be improved as it will give stability to the company supply chain and help them reach the aim of expanding in the retail market. The second major improvement is required in the suppliers lead time. Currently, the suppliers are taking four weeks on average for delivery, which is not acceptable as customers are demanding quick response. As the company is aware of the fact that customers in the retail market are highly demanding and in order to stay competitive in the market, the company has to cater to the demands of the customers. The current delivery time is double the time customers are demanding. Therefore, the company has to take steps in order to build strong relationships with the suppliers to gain their preference that will help in improving the lead time.


On the other hand, the company can also face critical challenges in fulfilling rush orders from the sales department. Here the need of better and effective communication and inventory management is required. The company will have to reorganize their inventory management by either keeping extra stocks or have to apply the concept of just-in-time inventory in order to cope up with rush orders. Besides that the kind of business company is, it is extremely difficult to manage rush orders. Therefore, this function will have to be reorganized as the company will either have to find solutions to accommodate rush orders or will have to eliminate the concept of rush orders and clearly communicate that the company will not cater rush orders. Furthermore, the company also needs to analyze the right level of stock as the demand fluctuates rapidly. On the other hand, long-term solutions for managing inventory, production, and logistics are required and a desperate need to reorganize these functions.

Answer 2:

As the company is facing ample challenges in managing its supply chain. Therefore, it has to take significant steps in improving the functions mentioned in the last question. The company wants to expand in the retail market, therefore, the major focus of the management should be on improving supply chain functions in this segment. On the other hand, the company is enjoying market leadership in the construction market, and the things are working well for the company in this segment. The company has to decide at what extent the measures or change should be adapted in its supply chain to expand smoothly in the retail market. The first focus should be to improve synchronization and for that the company should bring a full throttle change as it will bring immense benefits to the company and guide to achieve the objective. A synchronization between upstream and downstream supply chain will help improve communication and coordination.

On the other hand, it will guide the company towards improvement in the complete process and also improve the delivery times. The full extent change is necessary to improve synchronization as it will help the company to meet the customer's demand through quick delivery. Furthermore, it will also help in improving the lead time and as the company needs to meet the expected lead time of the customers. The company is facing an immense challenge in meeting customers expected delivery time. Therefore, it has to take significant measures to improve the load time......................................

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Bruynzeel Keukens, Dutch kitchen industry leader faced with a dilemma, it was audacious goal in maintaining leadership and increase market share, but his actions were not able to sustain such a pace more, it needs to be rethought from the ground up. The purpose of training:. This case provides a good opportunity to understand how supply chain management can have a huge influence on the strategy of "Hide
by Carlos Cordon, Corey Billington, Francois Jager Source: IMD 8 pages. Publication Date: June 23, 2006. Prod. #: IMD420-PDF-ENG

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