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Trainee completed his summer internship in Brussels and Bradshaw (B & B), an investment bank in Toronto, Ontario. It is worth it considering the submission of the final, where she will be told whether she was offered full-time after graduation. After a grueling summer, during which time she received little training, no formal mentoring and worked tirelessly 100 weeks hour with praise, she was upset, hurt and bitter about the experience. Despite enjoying the financial and the real work, the intern is not sure whether the offer of the B & B is a good idea, should B & B to expand its capabilities. Despite it being one of the most prestigious banks in the world, she has seen little to no improvement in the offensive approach her superiors. As she walks into the office manager of the commercial department, she is considering whether it should bring up unresolved issues that occurred during the summer, mounting frustration to work in a team that does not respect the gossiping and their work, and, finally, the inability to understand why it has not been treated so bad, in spite of her good work ethic. On the one hand, the trainee can cause such issues and try to explain himself before the commercial department manager decides whether to extend its offer. Or, she could listen to the review and continue to be fully responsible for any problems that were not of its decision in the hope that it may make it more mature and professional and, possibly, to help obtain her full-time job offer. "Hide
by Alison Conrad, Shannon Thompson Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 12 pages. Publication Date: May 19, 2009. Prod. #: 909C11-PDF-ENG

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