Board Crisis Simulation (BCS)(B): Profiles Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Board Crisis Simulation (BCS)(B): Profiles Case Solution



The case represents a role-play simulation in which a group of up to 7 individuals acts as a board of directors of a privately-owned business. The board consist of 2 business creators and 5 independent directors consisting of the Chairman.


Pedagogical Goals:

- To experience genuine characteristics of the board of directors - To comprehend a systemic nature of board-shareholders and boards and boards- stakeholders' relationships - To discover how to handle a crisis - To learn how to team up with individuals with various backgrounds and programs - To practice functions of efficient directors: specialist, strategist, group gamer, coach, owner, facilitator

This is just an excerpt. This case is about Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise

published: 24 Mar 2014

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Board Crisis Simulation (BCS)(B): Profiles

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