BMW-MINI Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Place and physical evidence for MINI can be recognized by the fact that MINI is opening outlets all over the world and solidifying its hold in the market place where it is already present like in the UK as mentioned in the case that it has opened up 147 outlets across the country. New agreements are being signed with dealerships to give them loyalties regarding the sale of the brand. Flashy showrooms with classy lighting and creative flooring are being established to complement the same type of features that are provided by the car (BMW Group, 2012).

Promotional techniques, which require extensive use of media marketing tools, like classical advertising to use billboards, TVCs and movies. Gamification that is promotion in games on websites like Miniclip. Logos flashing as pop ups on websites and the most important social media. Ad campaigns on Face book, Twitter and other social networking forums. Guerilla marketing that requires creating awareness of the product through word of mouth. Fun theory, which emphasizes the factor of utilizing the attractive features of the car that is color, size and body to create a feel good factor for the consumer. Viral marketing through friends on face book and followers on twitter is being done with users by frequently posting and tweeting about their experience of driving BMW-MINI ( 2010).


Using the long tail approach, we can evaluate the action that MINI is taking in terms of distribution. MINI currently provides over 100,000 cars of different models globally in order to keep its value as a quality product, which does not believe in quantity but quality. As stated in the case study, it provides value added services to the customer like economical packages that cover repairs and services up to 50,000 miles (Kurtz, D.L. 2009).

Customized features that accommodate customer advocacy, meaning customer’s preferred choice of feature is a very big element in describing MINI’s aspect of taking action to satisfy customer demands. Personalization is very important, as consumers must feel related to the product and MINI does it, by marketing different aspects of the models to people who relate with them for e.g. those consumers who love racing and the thrill which comes from it are marketed MINI-Cooper models in that respect (Elliott, H. 2012).


            BMW-MINI controls its image and sales by constantly evaluating the figures emerging from the surveys that are frequently conducted. As the one survey that is mentioned in the case of Simms and Trot to understand the perception of the people regarding the brand. Sales are recorded for all the models of MINI and their rise and fall are predicted to facilitate the Corporation, in understanding the future value of the brand. Value added services are provided to customers at BMW-MINI dealerships and repair plants so that they feel that they are taken care of in a very well-mannered way (BMW Group, 2012).


            Overall, BMW-MINI is here to stay but only if it can sustain and constantly innovate itself while creating value for the customer. The market demand for compact cars is there but it is still unseen if MINI can survive the test of time and competition as well as remain occupied as a leading brand in compact car manufacturing...................................

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