Strategy Made Simple: Thinking in Threes Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In this increasingly complex world, supervisors understandably seek experts' advice to chart a path forward. Yet they fall upon a jumble of metaphors, procedures, and models; too frequently, old wine in new bottles. This article helps managers cut through the mess. It presents a triangular framework which integrates concepts that, despite contrasting language, are more similar than different.

The schema is dependent on the three sort of Venn diagram: disjunction, containment, and intersection. Disjunction suggests autonomy; containment, control; and junction, collaboration. Once the triadic pattern has been comprehended, managers can 'speed-read' the literatures on strategy, technology/organization, mergers and acquisitions, and cognition -as well as see parallels across these writings. In addition they become better able to address tactical issues economically and systemically, and to convey to a broad organizational audience.

Strategy Made Simple Thinking in Threes case study solution


This is just an excerpt. This case is about STRATEGY & EXECUTION

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Strategy Made Simple: Thinking in Threes

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