Bancaja: Developing Customer Intelligence (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In 1996, the Director General Fernando Garcia Checa wanted to make customer analytics part of Bancaja's new strategy. Bancaja, a savings bank based in Valencia, Spain, is expanding and wanted to use customer information to enhance business efficiency. At the same time, it stands for innovation in the emerging Spanish market of credit cards. To avoid a significant investment of time and money that large-scale customer relationship management (CRM) project needs, the bank decided to explore its advantages with a smaller pilot. He appointed a CRM project to develop and implement a project to credit cards. Describes the problems in the Spanish market of credit cards at the time, profiling techniques customer credit card, and the variables involved in developing best credit card. Complete the treatment of CRM solutions team had to make in the development of the project, including whether to use a joint analysis and implement mini-campaign. "Hide

Bancaja Developing Customer Intelligence (B) Case Solution

on F. Asis Martinez-Jerez, Katherine Miller Source: Harvard Business School 16 pages. Publication Date: February 14, 2007. Prod. #: 107055-PDF-ENG

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Bancaja: Developing Customer Intelligence (A)

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