Lessons for an Accidental Profession Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Expand the use of project management is not always met concomitant increase in the pool of competent project managers. Senior managers readily admit ad hoc basis, in which the majority of project managers acquire the skills, but do not know how to best develop the supply of well-trained project managers for the future. Over the past several years we have conducted dozens of interviews with senior managers of the project, by asking the question: "What information do you have never given as starting product manager, which, in retrospect, could make your job easier?" From the answers, we offer some of the rules as a useful means of understanding the problem of project managers face and some solutions to this problem, to understand the unique context of the project management of the project team to recognize the conflict as progress, to understand who the stakeholders and what they want to receive and use political organization, to understand what "success" means quickly, remember that enthusiasm and despair as infectious, build and maintain a close-knit team, and use the time carefully, otherwise it will use you to "Hide <. br /> by Jeffrey K. Pinto, Om P. Kharbanda Source: Business Horizons 10 pages. Publication Date: March 15, 1995. Prod. #: BH021-PDF-ENG

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