Aviation Safety and Security Risk Management Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Aviation Safety and Security Risk Management Case Study Solution


Australia is one of those countries in this world that is highly dependent on aviation and this is because of the remoteness of the sparsely populated landscape from the wider population centres around the world. The capacity of the aviation industry of Australia is very high and the aviation history of Australia is long. The aviation industry of Australia has been awarded as the Regular Public Transport safety record (Government, 2014). IF the statistics of the accidents within the aviation industry are analyzed then it can be seen that Australia is one of the safest countries to fly around the world. However, the government and the aviation inspectors should not rely only on the past performance of the country and careful and strict monitoring should be conducted of the aviation systems and there should be careful monitoring of safety systems that had been designed by aviation officials of Australia(Government, 2014).

The aviation industry of Australia is highly diverse industry & there are a number of challenges that are faced by the industry regarding the regulation of the country  (ICAO, 2012). The average age for the GA and the smaller airlines in Australia is 28 years while for the airline fleet it is around 7 years to 8 years (Government, 2014). During the past several years, the aviation industry of the country is impacted by external and economic factors which include the government acts. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) is responsible for reporting and recording of all the incidents and the accidents that take place within the Australian aviation industry. These accidents and the incidents are never reported towards the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) in Australia (ICAO, 2012). In this report, we attempt to perform the critical evaluation for present safety and hazards in the Australian aviation industry & in the end, we outline the defenses available to mitigate the risks faced by the aviation industry of Australia.

Critical Evaluation of Aviation Safety in Australia

The prime agency of Australia is the ATSB and it is responsible for monitoring all sorts of the independent investigations that are all related to the civil aviation incidents and accidents. These also monitor all the safety related deficiencies and then they formulate the defences for overcoming the risks that are faced by the aviation industry of Australia. CASA is a transport regulator within the aviation industry and ATSB is completely separate from CASA and all the other policy makers of the country. The commission governs it. No blaming investigations are conducted by the ATSB for all the mode transportations and these are all instructed by the Transport Safety Investigation Act 2003  (ATSB, 2017).

All the safety issues are monitored and investigates by ATSB and the trend is also investigates that might lead to more accidents in the future years. For example, the contamination of the fuel aviation in the year 1999 had affected thousands of the aircrafts. This might have resulted in number of the accidents & it had shown that their safety system of Australia had loopholes. They have highlighted their deficiencies within the global aviation safety system for the fuel standards and fuel refining  (Batt, 2009). The ATSB also takes part in investigating all the incidents and the accidents, which also include the air ships that are Australian, enrolled  (Infrastructure, 2016).

ATSB also provides guidance and help to the abroad-based offices for examining all the genuine incidents and investigations but it does not include the Australian enlisted aircrafts (ATSB, 2017). A noteworthy commitment is made by the aviation industry and ATSB for the aviation industry of Australia through, analysis, examination, open announcing and by providing the instructions on the common flight well being maters without fear or the support and with irreconcilable situation (Batt, 2009). All the aviation agencies and the agencies that are related to the aviation are performing their role very well. If we assess the Panel, then the aviation officials in sustaining the integrity, leadership, transparency and openness have maintained a very good reputation.

The Department also communicates quite with all the industry officials & it is also seen as an effective way and trustworthy way by the industry officials  (CASA, 2012). The Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) had conducted a capability review in 2012 and it had been concluded that the department is performing it duties well and it was well regarded by the government and the industry but it never had represented itself as a unified front and it had not taken any steps to engage and integrate the entire aviation system of Australia. The capability review had found that the aviation industry of the country could benefit more by taking the strategic approach of consultation and stakeholder engagement  (ASASP, 2011).

Aviation Safety and Security Risk Management Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Performance Review between 2015 to 2016 of Aviation Safety in Australia

The Regional Development and Infrastructure Minister have approved the CASA plan for 2015 to 2016 and this plan is annually updated by CASA based on the aviation safety of the industry in the previous period. There are a number of challenges that have emerged during the previous year and these had been now incorporated within the four-year strategic plan and because of those challenges, a number of initiatives have been taken by CASA (ICAO, 2012). The processes of Australian government for the creating, implementing & reviewing all new regulations that involve all the principles so all additional costs which are incurred cancel off all compliance costs are reduced by the CASA for their business & aviation community (CASA, 2012)..................

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