Speaking the Lingua Franca of Innovation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Innovation is a discipline, a body of knowledge, as well as any other. Unfortunately, our understanding and practice of innovation today about where our understanding of the "quality" of the discipline was two or three decades ago. Thus, we see many leaders stumbled in their initiatives. The good news is that, like all of the disciplines of innovation can be learned, practiced and mastered. As with all the innovations happening in the community, and the fundamental basis for the superior performance of a community with a common language, the managers have to learn the lingua franca of innovation - its structure, principles and concepts, methodologies and processes, structures and tools. Thus, the first step to building a community of innovators, to teach them the lingua franca of innovation. Only then will the community be able to practice and learn the discipline of innovation "Hide
by Jay Rao Source: IESE-Insight Magazine 7 pages. Publication Date: September 15, 2012. Prod. #: IIR078-PDF-ENG

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Speaking the Lingua Franca of Innovation

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