Aurum Furniture and In-Law Management Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

A very complicated problems is when an in-law joins a company. In-laws are a part of the household through marriage unions; but marriages could be ended but blood-ties cannot be severed. Thus, in-laws aren't necessarily seen as fully fledged family members. While household members and the company’s founders confront difficulties as they contemplate incorporating in-laws to the family business, the in-laws encounter several difficulties in joining a family run business at the same time. This case study exemplifies these concerns by following John Malone's participation as an in-law for Aurum Furniture; a modest family company situated in a big Midwestern town in the U.S. Issues that have been clear-cut in a non-family company, but were anything but that in the non-professionalized family company. This circumstance provides teachers having the chance to talk about the characteristics among people of a modest family business. While we highlight the difficulties confronted by in-laws, the situation is especially well-suitable to ease a more basic dialogue on the problems that the individual sees as she or he joins a business that is non-professionalized. This case study may be used in management courses for under-graduates and graduate students.

This is just an excerpt. This case is about Leadership and Managing People.



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Aurum Furniture and In-Law Management

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