Application of Skills during Training period  Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Application of Skills during Training period Case Study Solution


Communication the one important concept to remember that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care and this is demonstrated through active questioning and attentive listening.

If we want to sell a product to the customer than what the customer buy first, they offer you first if they don’t like you or your approach than the relationship will develop no further remember that pure timing or inappropriate questioning can put costumes off. Secondly, they buy the product or solution, and thirdly they buy your company this is the order of priority on what’s important to them.

In selling, there are four levels at which you can position yourself. Usually, pushy sales people, for those who are just selling aproduct with little or no added value reside of levels one or two. For this levels three and four occupied by professional consultative sales people. At these higher levels a salesperson asking questions, identifying needs and relating their products or solution back to these requirements and their impact on performance productivity and profitability. They also bring industry knowledge and intellectual capital which also contributes to the strategic development of the customers’ business. It is the type of person customer’s secret for advice and help. In summary, position yourself at levels three and four is vital to your success as an excellent communicator and a professional consultative sales person.



Every company wants to improve performance productivity and profitability. So always ensure to make it clear that how product or solution will positively impact any or all of the three Ps.

Application of Skills during Training period Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


You need to ask proper questions and uncover needs and then prescribe sign recommendations. Always remember when you are talking you are selling, when the costumes are talking they are buying as we have already mentioned an appropriate questioning or pro timing that can be quite intrusive and break report. In all cases when asking questions thefirst question must be, would you mind if I ask you a few questions? There is a simple concept called ‘challenging progression’.It is where you take your question from the general non-threatening across to the more particular and finally the very concrete. The very specific questions are asked toosoon; it can stand in the way of building trust and break rapport.

communication 2

communication 2

In conclusion remember that sometimes the Eagle takes over and we want to show people how much we know, however, develop the art of skillful questions and listening that will be the key to success............

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