Destination-U: College Counseling on the Internet Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The mother and son tandem Toby and Greg Waldorf began destination-U, online colleges appropriate services, in April 2004. Greg was a deep background in startups and technology companies, primarily as an early investor in Eharmony, online dating service. Toby was a 15-year experience as a consultant to the college. With Destination-U social mission and family ties, the pair was able to raise seed capital with ease. Although the company has been successful in creating a useful service agreement and get visitors to the site in July 2005, he did not earn a significant amount of sales of its subscription-based business model. With the fall busy season is approaching college choice, Destination-U had to rethink its business model. "Hide
by Garth Saloner, Jim Ellis, Mike Harkey Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 24 pages. Publication Date: October 12, 2005. Prod. #: E197-PDF-ENG

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Destination-U: College Counseling on the Internet

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