Analyzing Family Business Cases: Tools and Techniques Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This article explores and identifies methods and 13 analytical instruments to understand the unique dilemmas and paradoxes faced by family businesses. They are presented here as tools to better assess family business cases and develop effective responses to family business situations. However, they can be equally useful for families in counselors and company to family businesses as they seek to cope with the complicated issues made by the conflict of family and company systems in the family enterprises.

Tools emphasized on comprehending the family business system as a complete are dissected from family-centered and business-focused ones. The six dual systems-focused techniques assistance understanding of the crucial stakeholders, current status, previous history, and desired future of the firm. The three family-focused techniques in the tool kit purpose to better understand the views of the key stakeholders and the relationships between, as well as the general health of the family system. The four business system-centered conceptual techniques enable comprehension of the nature and extent of the participation of the family in its key directions, the business, operation, and continuity. Careful application of appropriate tools help in the development of powerful and actionable recommendations and will deepen understanding of the central dilemmas being faced by a decision maker.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE

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Analyzing Family Business Cases: Tools and Techniques

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