Anadolu Efes Case Solution Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Anadolu Efes Case Solution

Concern 1. How can the present circulation strategy be enhanced? Would the cost savings in expenses validate altering the recognized relations in between the Ankara-Bursa and IstanbulAntalya brewery-distributor sets? Concern 2. Exactly what should be the yearly expense of shipping 1 million liters of beer from the Istanbul brewery to the Antalya warehouse, and from the Ankara brewery to the Bursa warehouse in order that it ends up being optimum for Efes to send out beer in between these sets? Concern 3. Is it affordable for Efes to import malt in the very first year? Or even, under exactly what input criterion modifications would punch line malt potentially end up being a practical choice? Concern 4. The direct shows design utilizes the need projection for the next year to enhance the circulation strategy, even though need goes through alternative for many years. Talk about the results of beer need type on transport expenses utilizing the info in the level of sensitivity report.

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Anadolu Efes Case Solution

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