Alara Agri: Fresh Cherry Production Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Alara Agri, based in Bursa, Turkey, is one of the best cherries and rice manufacturers. President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has expressed concern about the recurring problems of capacity at the end of the process, in which the cherries were packed. On some of the conveyor belt factory, piles of the same size cherry waiting to be packed while other belts were too few cherries retain workers busy, and thus delayed deliveries. Removal of excess cherries from a busy line to the line was not not an option, as cherries are sorted by size. One solution that has been considered a general manager to build another production line for $ 2 million, although he thought the best solution can be achieved by changing the process or reconfigure traffic. Director General wondered how best to increase capacity with the equipment they already had. To help him in his decision, he examined corporate data on income and production figures included cherries produced in tons, expected size distribution of cherries, and the layout of the plant and packaging options. "Hide
by Chris J. Piper, Jordan Mitchell Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 13 pages. Publication Date: 04 May 2009. Prod. #: 909D04-PDF-ENG

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Alara Agri: Fresh Cherry Production

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