YvesCreations LLC: Alex Goes to Hollywood Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

A young entrepreneur with a passion for cinema moved to Los Angeles and founded his own film production. The film, entitled «Movin 'In", had many of the components of a successful film. It had international actors, talented and well-known stars, the higher value of production rate and a cute story. However, he soon learned that they were not the only factors necessary for successful film. After years of hard work and investment of $ 1 million, the entrepreneur could not find anyone to distribute your film. At the material time, it was difficult to get distribution because there were more movies in the market than ever before. Historically It so happened, it took more effort to make an independent film, and the distribution was easier to provide. When the digital revolution began, the market was flooded with more independent distributors of films than can handle. By 2001, independent films were the product and DVD distribution deals were plentiful, but film distribution was almost impossible to get, because they were more independent films than screens put them on. fact addresses many of the problems faced by all entrepreneurs, such as leadership, management and interpersonal conflicts, and is unique to the film industry. "Hide
by David T. Wesley, Chris Robertson Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 17 pages. Publication Date: February 26, 2010. Prod. #: 909M87-PDF-ENG

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YvesCreations LLC: Alex Goes to Hollywood

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