BLES Biochemicals Inc. (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

BLES Biochemicals Inc, research and development company that specializes in natural surfactants. After many years of trying, the president finally got permission for a single product company, BLES, which is used for premature infants suffering from respiratory distress syndrome - without it, they may die. The company was able to sell the product in advance to get approval, but with the news of getting to go forward, the president had to decide his next step. The obvious step was to continue its international expansion: worldwide market potential for BLES was incredible. However, there were trade-offs associated with each of the markets in question. In addition, the risks associated with growth gave him cause for concern. He sought to develop a strategy for growth that is clearly considered the interests of the company, potential patients, his family, his associates and employees. "Hide
by Charlene Nicholls-Nixon, Steve Parkhill Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 22 pages. Publication Date: October 14, 2003. Prod. #: 903M26-PDF-ENG

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BLES Biochemicals Inc. (A)

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