Airbus and Boeing: Superjumbo Decisions Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Set in 1999, this event allows students to put themselves in a position like Airbus and Boeing, as Boeing is seen as a solution to respond to Airbus, to announce their plans to proceed or not with the $ 10 billion in developing the world's first commercial superjumbo jet, Airbus A3XX . Boeing is considering the development effort to "stretch" its Airbus 747 superjumbo in large version, 747-X. While the two companies are widely available 20-year projections for jumbo and superjumbo-jet demand has been particularly divided. In light of this very public

"agreement to disagree," Boeing can pursue several options, all of which were related to the Airbus decision on whether to develop the A3XX. This event is an opportunity for students to make a real downstream solution. It was prepared as a final exam for the introductory course analyzing decisions related to the subjective evaluation of the probability, decision tree modeling, simulation, real options, and game theory. In the analysis of this case, the student must use the ideas from all five of these areas. "Hide
by Samuel E injuries, Kenneth C. Lichtendahl Source: Darden School of Business 7 pages. Publication date: 07 May 2008. Prod. #: UV1312-PDF-ENG

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