The purpose of this case study is to analyze and study the entrepreneur skills and business leadership qualities of the VineshJuglal. He is a young and charismatic entrepreneur of the South African business community. The case study highlights and describes various stages of the corporate and business career of the young entrepreneur and how he was able to be successful in such harsh and unfavorable economic and social laws of the government of the country.

The purpose of the analysis of the case is to analyze the new business acquiring of the entrepreneur and suggest to him the most feasible and promising strategy for the business as per the aspirations of the owner to get returns on his investment and also to provide relaxation and benefit of the education to the local community of the society where the institute is presently and where it wishes to expand.


“The most critical issue for the new owner of the DCC (Durban Computer College) is to adopt and practice the most feasible strategy and operating structure for the newly acquired technical and skill providing college that ensuresprofits and return on investment of the owner and also supports the education of the local community as an ethical responsibility of the new owner of the college.”


While the new head and entrepreneur of the DCC College is convinced that his newly acquired entity is an attractive organization that has immense potential and growth along with increased profits and margins for him. However, he finds that his responsibility and the necessity and availability of the skill and technical education for the African population that has long been deprived of education is a much bigger priority that should attend.
The owner of the company finds this as his ethical and social responsibility to support the promotion of education and skills among his people and population of the region at large. However, the author is faced with certain barriers and questions that demand a comprehensive solution and strategy in order to overcome these hurdles that act as a barrier in achieving this goal of the owner of the company. The most critical questions that the entrepreneur and the owner of the college face regarding achieving his objective and goal are discussed below.


• Discuss the past entrepreneur activities of Vinesh and how he got where he is today?


The past experience and entrepreneur activities of the owner VineshJuglal completely illustrate and explain the entrepreneur abilities of the young intellect and his qualities that have enabled him to secure the place and success level to where he is today and that too under such extreme and unfavorable business environment for the community to which he belongs, due to the caste based regulations and legislations of the government of the country.
The case study tells the story of a young man and kid who was willing to sacrifice and go through everything to get to the place where he is today. He had to give up his education and family to pursue his dream and such sacrifices and will of the young entrepreneur enabled him to be a young millionaire and one of the wealthiest personof his country and the region.
The present mildness, critical thinking and opportunity seeking habit of this young man enabled him to seek and cash in on the opportunities that presented to him. The present of this young entrepreneur has critical roots and connection with his past and his past experiences and it is due to this reason that he is where he is today.
Prior to the acquiring of the Durban Computer College, the owner of the organization has been involved in various entrepreneur projects and organizations that he previously owned. He started as a young child by dropping out of the school through an initial job as a worker at a construction facility in the locality.
He also had to leave his home due to his disagreements with his father over leaving the school, however he used his first salary and paid to launch his career as an entrepreneur by launching himself in the traditional wholesale and distribution business that he had learned over the time by working with his family and parents at the store which his father owned and due to his innovations and basic know how of the industry he was able to create a sense of distinction among his business and the others that were his rivals in the industry of the business.
Due to the freshness and timely availability of the products, the retailers preferred to buy from him and this also facilitated him to offer products at an increased prices. After getting the significant capital and finance from the historical business of the family he decided to retire from the business and travelled all over the world to diagnose and study the various features of the distribution. He resumed the business along with the feedback he had generated from studying the markets all over the world however; after getting significant return he targeted the real estate business and industry as it was a very attractive and promising market of the country,which offered maximized profits and returns on the investments.
He established his own contacts and channels in the industry to communicate and co-ordinate with agents all over the country and the relaxation of the ethnic laws and regulations of the country also assisted him positively as it enabled him to purchase and deal in areas of the property where he was not allowed to do so in the past. During the process he retired several times in both the business of real estate and distribution and finally acquired the DCC College which he owns presently...............

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