Edison2 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The creator and CEO of Edison2 and his globally renowned panel of designers, engineers, and professional race car drivers had been putting efforts tirelessly for three years to plan and build the Really Light Auto (VLC), which won the 2010 X Prize contest. Now the CEO is contemplating what avenue Edison2 would follow. The only thing he had determined is that Edison2 should not attempt to be a traditional auto manufacturer, given the large amount of new capital it had demanded and the chance that it had need to compete long-term with the recognized behemoths in the business.

The CEO has narrowed his choices to two potential routes: Edison2 could enter the specialty fleet market in America or seek out partners to reach the customer vehicle marketplace in the emergent world. The organization's dwindling supply of money is an issue so he has to determine which direction to take the business and the best way to go about doing it.

PUBLICATION DATE: February 21, 2012 PRODUCT #: W12711-PDF-ENG

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