Agricultural Biotechnology and Its Regulation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In the United States, genetically modified corn and soybeans are widely grown and consumed. In Europe, however, they are called "Frankenstein foods", avoid packaged food producers, and subjected to many government restrictions. This case provides information on the economics and politics of agricultural biotechnology. It underlines divergent views in the United States and Europe about how technology should be regulated and the resulting stresses strategic dilemmas for companies in the business, including DuPont, Monsanto and Novartis. Students can analyze the technology and its regulators and regulatory point of view of public policy (that is, asking what kind of regulatory institutions will contribute to social well-being) and the point of view of positive political economy (ie, asking how the regulatory system is likely to evolve to meet the current institutional structure and interests of various public and private actors.) raises the question of how firms can develop a strategy to conditions of extreme risk management. "Hide
by Forest Reinhardt Source: Harvard Business School 31 pages. Publication Date: July 10, 2000. Prod. #: 701004-PDF-ENG

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Agricultural Biotechnology and Its Regulation

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