Industry Transformation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

One of the toughest challenges facing the strategist to navigate the company through a period of transformation industry - the era of rapid and wholesale changes to the structure of the industry. This note discusses how periods of transformation usually unfold. Then he sees as the main policy instruments can be deployed in such periods, and how new tools are in the foreground. During the industrial transformation of a serious threat and a huge opportunity for the company. Industry leaders often dumped at a time to replace losers and students. Perhaps most importantly, periods of transformation give companies unusual latitude to influence the future structure of the industry. Education goals. Designed to support the course modules that consider strategy-making under uncertainty and competitive strategy and the intersection of technology, "Hide
by Michael E. Porter, Jan W. Rivkin, 14 pages. Publication Date: July 10, 2000. Prod. #: 701008-PDF-ENG

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Industry Transformation

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