Advertising Experiments at RestaurantGrades Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This exercise asks students to make recommendations based on the data, and provides students with a data set consisting of results from a hypothetical experiment. Through this procedure, the exercise teaches students to analyze, design, and interpret experiments. The circumstance is an experiment in a hypothetical eatery review company called RestaurantGrades (RG) whose principal source of revenue comes from advertisements.

RG is trying to comprehend whether its current marketing package is effective in practice. RG has run a control group of eateries and also an experiment with two treatment arms to do this. The control group has no advertising, the very first treatment arm includes giving RG's present advertisements bundle to restaurants, and the second treatment arm is an option bundle that RG designed with a different method of consumer targeting.

PUBLICATION DATE: March 01, 2016 PRODUCT #: 916038-HCB-ENG

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