Camel’s Milk and Lamb’s Liver (B) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Camel’s Milk and Lamb’s Liver (B) Case Solution

The goal of the situation is to emphasize the intricacies of cross-cultural monitoring. It can be employed to show good stereotyping (instead of unfavorable, over-simplified stereotyping) using exactly what is common/normal in a specific society as a beginning indicate acquire insight and create connections.

The case defines the cross-cultural difficulties expertise by a French market researcher involved to do a financial investment nation record in Mauritania. To get the count on of the 'gatekeeper' of the info he requires, he has the chance to immerse themself in standard culture by knowledge nomadic life in the desert. Pressed by head office, yet having to be vulnerable to regional culture, he needs to choose how much he is prepped to go to do the job.

published: 22 Apr 2016

This is just an excerpt. This case is about Organisational Behaviour

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