Advantage Food & Beverage Vending Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

His business had been running for 16 years and have a lot of knowledge of his firm along with the vending industry. His predicament was whether or not to put money into his present operation and, if so, determining the top utilization of his wealth.

The vending industry was sluggish and presumed to be diminishing, which complicated his choice. Nevertheless, newer technologies became available which could improve AF&B's competitive advantage in the marketplace. Technology choices included a system that (a) taken electronic payments and (b) tracked inventory and transactions. The electronic payment system came in the form of the traditional swiping of a charge card, or in the more recent form of Touch and Go card readers. These characteristics might be retrofitted to existing machines or come built into new machines. The judgement entailed which option(s) would likely supply the president with the very best return on his investment.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about SALES & MARKETING

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