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Jump starter runs a platform where users with no technical expertise can launch websites quickly and easily. Provide an overview of the competitive landscape and make an hypothesis of what are the drivers of value in this industry. Suggest a possible positioning for Jump starter.

            Jump starter is basically an online web company which has been designed by its owners to allow each and every customer of the company to plug each and everything over the internet. It could also be considered as the next generation hosting platform and through this platform all the web developers can create their desired websites and also launch that website. This allows a super fast solution to its users and it is not a complex solution but an easy one.

            The total time that is spent by the web users on the coding process and the configuration process is decreased significantly through the Jump starter web applications and in this way the work flow of the developers is made smoother. Currently the competition in the industry is low since this concept is not much strong. However, one of the reason for this might be that the company had been launching many new online products such as the disrupting new hosting platform which is making the company more unique in its area.

            The core drivers of value in this industry are many and it is around these values that the positioning of Jump starter should be created. Speed and ease is the first value driver for the users and when the users get the web setup projects hosted within just few seconds through one second installs they feel happy. Secondly, team collaboration could be easily achieved and the members of the team could easily share their projects with others on the web. All the unexpected traffic spikes are also controlled through the process of automated hosting thus providing peak protection. Furthermore, less energy and time is spent by the web developers for configuring the servers and lastly it is mobile friendly which means that the complete dashboard could be accessible anywhere and on any device. Therefore, the positioning of Jump starter should be built around, speed, easy, flexibility, user friendliness and easy solution.


Jump starter is thinking of entering a new market. Based on its core technology suggest one market (alternative to WordPress themes) that the company might want to look at and explain why.

            Currency the core technology use of the company has been in the development of the WordPress themes for the users. However, currently Jump starter is looking to enter a new market and according to me the next recommended market for Jump starter should be the support for the Node.Js. An http module is offered by the Node.js and through which all the HTTP requests could be responded to within seconds when the create server method returns an object. All the applications of Node.Js would then be written in Java Script.

            Through Node.js, the team of the Jump starter could create a cross platform run time environment and open source environment for all sort of the networking applications and the server side networking. The main reason due to which Jump starter needs to consider the Node.js support is that through the non blocking API and the event driver architecture, the scalability and the throughput of the application could be easily optimized. As the trend has been increasing for the real time web applications therefore, the company needs to now enter the market for these technologies to remain competitive.


Suggest 2 tactics to identify reach and prospect developers and 2 marketing campaigns to on board users to Jump starter.

            There are many tactics through which the team representatives or the sales team could reach out to the prospect developers. The first tactic is that once a qualified deal has been identified, the concerned lead should be contacted consistently and all the leads should be reached out and any sort of objections that they might have should be eliminated by the sales teams. All the leads should be evaluated that whether they are fit for the company’s services and application and then connect them to the sales team. The second tactic is to use the CRM tool to update the data regarding the customers. When the sales people would be updating the data continuously and entering proper information, then that information is going to help the customers regarding the potential lead generation efforts...............

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