Marketing Strategy Plan Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Positioning Analysis

There are a few events in the world, which are more grueling than a triathlon. Across the new board of Madrid Triathlon Federation, triathletes are successful, competitive and hard working consumers. They often serve as the role models for their communities. Triathlon had started by a small group of San Diego runners in the year 1974 and today it has become an established Olympic sport with over 90 national governing bodies around the world(Phelps, 2010).

The recreational athletes have also begun to join the excitement and because of that, more events are not offered to Sprint and Olympic distances. For the advertisers of the Madrid Triathlon Federation, it offers an opportunity for the club to reinforce the brand positioning with their special events and the high performance athletes. Innovative programs should be developed by the company that weave products into the hearts of their consumers of Triathlon sport and successfully connect with its influential audience.

It is highly expected that the excitement will continue to grow because of the recent exponential growth in participation. Overall, the positioning of the Madrid Triathlon Federation should be developed on the approach of the company to innovate the simple sports and make it exciting for the audience as well as the target market. This positioning would inspire the people of Madrid to participate in and commit them to the sport of Triathlon.

Market Potential & Its Segmentation

During the current year, around $ 20 million would be spent by the triathelets on event registrations. As the average registrations, fees are $ 100 per participant and on average, the participants are investing in five events per year, therefore we can say that significant investment is being made in the market and the market is growing rapidly.

Triathlon had debuted as part of the Olympic Games in 2000. The spectators are beginning to catch the excitement and around 24.3 million households had turned into Olympic Triathlon in the year 2004. There are more than 500,000 people who participate in the multi-sports events each year(O'Toole, 2009). The online registrations for the Triathlon events have been increasing drastically since the year 2000, as shown in the chart below:

The above graph shows that the market potential of this Olympic is high and it is drastically growing on a yearly basis.

The Triathlon market can be segmented based on the lifestyle of the participants the participants can be segmented into a group of three depending on the interests and the activities they have in their leisure time. Based on lifestyle segmentation these three groups would be sport lovers, serious persuaders and socializes(Hallman, 2012). The target market for Madrid Triathlon Federation would include the fans, toe dippers, regular participants, performers and the Elites.

Definition, analysis and development of the product “Triathlon Madrid”

The Triathlon Madrid product would be developed based on the success story of this sport itself. This sport is a unique one and it is delivered in a unique manner. As a Triathlon club, the members and owners of the club must be proud of their heritage and they need to embed all of the values into their product.........

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