ABC and Food Lion: Case Study Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The growth of high-rating television programs of scientific literature raised concerns about the methods that television producers use to capture images and information. This case focuses on the ethics of journalism particularly controversial technique: the decision of the American broadcasting company (ABC), to use hidden cameras and undercover producers gather footage said to show that the supermarket chain Food Lion has been re-labeling of meat to sell something that can be spoiled meat as fresh. He also examines the motivations and sources of journalists and Food Lion novel approach used to strike back at ABC, no damages for libel, but for fraud, assault and breach of duty (employee) loyalty of the secret reporters who on actually got a job at Food Lion. HKS Case Number 1397.0 "Hide
by Marvin Kalb, Zachary Karahill 22 pages. Publication Date: January 1, 1997. Prod. #: HKS484-PDF-ENG

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ABC and Food Lion: Case Study

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