Global Ethics In The Fashion And Clothing Industry Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The fashion and clothing industry since its initiation has grown immensely. Now the fashion and clothing industry accounts over billions of dollars and has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry. It has created a huge number of opportunities for a vast number of populations and for several governments as well.

Behind the charismatic and glamorous doors of the fashion and clothing world and the never ending growing opportunities for new entities to enter apparel and fashion industry, the truth and reality of this glamorous and glittering are hidden.

The reality of the working conditions is kept hidden from the world due to long working hours in sordid working conditions for their employees. The industry is made up of multiple numbers of supply chains through which it is able to operate on a global level and affect the global fashion and apparel existence. With the help of several supply chains, it is able to grow huge volumes of revenues and profits for its future operations. These huge supply chains are made for a reason by the industry giants. The leading companies usually conduct the process of manufacturing in a different part of the world and after the process is complete, they are designated at the desired location for selling the products. The companies usually choose a location, which allows them to have a comparatively lower labor cost and a country which is not developed and faces economic crisis, this is a best case scenario for such companies (Niinimäki, ‎2015).

The garment workers all over the world are forced with an amount of work that is not humanly possible. These workers undergo a low level of working environment and operating conditions. These poor working conditions are directly accusable of abuse of human rights on a daily basis. Not just poor working conditions but the workers are also victims to excessive working hours, job insecurity, exhaustion, sexual harassment and mental stress. These incidents are happening on a daily basis with the workers in the garment sector.

On the other hand in the diamond industry the workers are provided with a poor environment. Many lives are lost for the acquiring of diamonds. The cost of diamonds is a human life. The rate of children working as labor is shockingly high and majorly the labors involved in acquiring the diamonds are children. The exploitation to the human rights are a challenge in the face of several governments.


Due to the huge size of the industry it is not possible to remove the industry from global existence.

The abusive actions of the fashion and clothing industry can be kept a check upon by applying regulations on their global operations.

There is a need to place legalities for abiding the ethical implementations in the industry. These implementations are not the responsibility of a single government or a country, but these actions must be taken on a global level as it is heavily affecting the global human rights. This change must be brought throughout the industry and on a global scale by imposing policies that make sure that none of the garment manufacturer can use the services of children and they should not be allowed to force the workers to work overtime (B Hilton, 2004). 


The natural goods are used in providing apparel. These wearable and fashion products are often freely provided to commercial enterprise and society by a healthy planet and the effect is that our natural capital is being utilized at a pace, which is not sustainable and natural assets are being damaged.Climate change is the latest example.Man-made carbon emissions are damaging the planet’s ability to keep a stable climate which is resulting in global warming, rising ocean levels and extreme climatic conditions (L Barnes, 2006).Blue Ocean Strategy Case Solution

China is popular as a major importer of fur skins; therefore it is a major exporter of finished fur products.However,European farmers are perceived to be the heaviest producers of fur by having around 6000 fur farms across the European Union. Fur farming practice is continuously spreading despite minor bans of fur production in specific states.

Violence in diamond mines remains a grave issue, despite the fact that several civil wars which had brutal impacts have ended. Forced labor, beatings, torture, and murder are staining the human rights severely as many diamonds are obtained at the price of all these factors...............................

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