Australian Paper Manufacturers (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Description of the company, which has broken an unwritten agreement between heart three Australian paper manufacturers to share in the domestic market are three ways to market. The company invades another's "territory" with advanced technology, quality, and, more importantly, with a poor environmental record of another company to protect themselves from persecution. The defender has not been able to answer, adding as public pressure denies the ability to add capacity and upgrade technology. Having won a large share of the market, and successfully launched a new product of recycled paper, the invader is currently reviewing the financial, strategic and ethical issues of further expansion. "Hide
by David M. Upton, Joshua D. Margolis Source: Harvard Business School 22 pages. Publication Date: December 7, 1990. Prod. #: Six hundred ninety-one thousand and forty-one-PDF-ENG

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Australian Paper Manufacturers (A)

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