A Telemedicine Opportunity Or A Distraction Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Tele medicine is used by physicians for providing a higher number of opinions or other possible opportunities and solutions like providing supervision or giving guidance in emergency situations over vast distances. Tele medicine involves exchange of medical images in Radiology and video conferencing technologies that allowed clinicians to confer with each other from different locations possible.

A number of advancements and developments have been occurring in the field of Tele medicine. Tele medicine is currently being used in the fields of dermatology, ophthalmology, mental health, cardiology and pathology. Tele medicine is being used in the mentioned areas for specialist referral services. Tele medicine industry is maturing with time but the financial long-term viability is still not figured.

 Yet, besides the fact of extensive pilot testing, a fewer number of such services have been able to achieve long-term viability. Full offerings of Partners Health Care's Tele Stroke service are being operated and managed by the Massachusetts General Hospital Neurology department that is self-sustaining and meets the requirements of the Partner and acts as a vital need.

Tele medicine techniques mainly focus on stroke care procedures. Clinicians at some participating hospitals are interested in using tele medicine for other medical applications outside of stroke care. The main question that is rising for the Partners is to whether expand the operations of tele medicine offerings (Tele medicine.com, n.d).

If yes, how can these new offering be managed and achieve long-term financial viability as it has high maintenance costs and advanced equipment requirements.


Business model and Business Goal

Conducting medical researches is a primary focus as they want to discover new and convenient ways for providing medical assistance over vast distances by efficiently managing the available time window. Company focuses on providing the value of timely providing the patients with the curative procedures. The organization mainly operates in processing medical researches for innovating new techniques through which it can provide better medical facilities to the patients. They also train the staff and the users of the equipment regarding the basic functioning of the Telemedicine equipment so the users can operate them easily. Products and services that facilitate both, the patients and the doctors while conducting consultation or even medical procedures are a main focus of the company. The value procedure for the company includes the services or the curing process to be on time and accuracy is another main focus of the company. Company’s main goals are to develop better medical facilities that will enhance the quality of the medical services. They plan to bring enhancements in the medical procedure by continuously implementing their research and enabling other medical institutions to conduct them as well. Company has paid serious attention in providing the patients with the curing processes nearest to their homes. The company aims the process to be in which the patient can be treated in the medical institution which is nearest to them and they don’t have to shift to another hospital with a limited window of time provided due to the stroke(Information, n.d).

Major Business Strategies

Partners have been successfully providing the patients with accurate and satisfactory medical procedure. The medical institution has strived towards eliminating the wasted time between the procedures of treating the patient. The staff and the people involved in the medical procedure for curing the stroke have been trained to eliminate the elements which increase the time consumption required in the process. Value delivery and efficient care to the customer has been a top priority to the company and the company has been able to manage its successful financial sheets through the efficient value delivery to the customer in a capital-intensive nature of the business operations.

IS Strategy

Organization has developed to ability to extend and expand its Telemedicine services to other hospitals, through this they will be able to provide medical consultations to patients over vast areas with the support of an adequate panel of skilled clinicians or physicians. Partners have managed all of their cost management, human capital management, hardware and software management, vendor management, risk management, time management and all the other elements in the technological environment. The company uses the IS strategy for maintaining the revenue generation of the operations through managing the elements in the technological surroundings. The company has been able to efficiently apply the strategy due to its impressive leadership qualities in the higher level of the management. The Strategy is flexible by nature and can easily adapt to the changing’s in the environment or parameters in their business operations and it can also help the company in becoming viable in the long run..................................

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