A-CAT Corp. – Bang for the Bucks Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

A-CAT made a comparatively broad variety of electrical appliances for household use. The voltage regulators made by A-CAT were used for a variety of functions; however, the focus was on its flagship product, VR500 - a voltage regulator of 500 VA.

a-cat corp

a-cat corp

Over the last few months, this version was unable to meet the rising expectations of the marketplace and had faced stiff competition. The management was concerned that a significant number of A-CAT's customers were opting for competitors' products. The case means to 1) make students conscious of the relationship between customer requirements and the technical characteristics of a product 2 ) make pupils comprehend the principles of worth investigation 3) instruct the students to use value evaluation in assessing the scope for price reduction.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about TECHNOLOGY & OPERATIONS

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A-CAT Corp. – Bang for the Bucks

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