500 Startups: Scaling Early-Stage Investing Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case narrates the investment strategy used by 500 Startups, an early-stage investment firm founded by Dave McClure. McClure, an open character in Silicon Valley, believes that the venture capital business is not innovating quickly enough to adjust to large-scale changes. The price of beginning a firm has plummeted over time, enabling investors to compose smaller and smaller checks.

The exit options for companies have expanded, allowing investors to realize returns earlier than in the past, though commonly at lower valuations. Important customer acquisition platforms are empowering startups to interrupt the traditional business. Finally the opportunities for the investment business and the chances of investment proliferating overseas in the rapidly growing new markets, in McClure’s view. Though not everyone in Silicon Valley agrees with all of McClure notions, he seeks to scale 500 startups into the first "guild-based" international venture capital firm.

PUBLICATION DATE: September 05, 2014 PRODUCT #: E528-HCB-ENG

This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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500 Startups: Scaling Early-Stage Investing

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